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With AFOI KIROMITI, you know that your truck is getting the service it deserves. The company has the best staff and the best technology:

Top staff

The human resources of our company are made up of 28 craftsmen and craft assistants and 7 employees for the rest administrative departments. All craftsmen are highly trained, with continuous attendance in seminars in Greece and abroad. Our leading craftsmen guarantee excellent quality work result, quick service and are able to offer you high-quality services and meet your every need. Our company has an ISO 9001 certification.

Top technology

The facilities of our company cover an area of ​​2500 sq.m. and are equipped with the latest technology and equipment. We have a full range of special tools and all the diagnostic systems and databases needed to service your truck.

Why choose us?

✔ Certification ISO:9001
Our company operates being certified with ISO:9001, ensuring its customers excellent quality work result and faster service.

✔ We are 35 years in the field
Our company was founded in 1984 and for 35 years it follows a path of recognition and distinction in the field of repairing VOLVO trucks.

✔ We have 94,9% spare parts availability
Our company is Volvo's largest repairer in Greece with the largest availability of Genuine Volvo Spare Parts in the market, 94.9%.

✔ We are always close to you
If needed, we come for repair at your location, wherever you are INSIDE EUROPE!

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