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Original Volvo Spare Parts

Our standards are high for our spare parts as well. In our company we only use Genuine Volvo Spare Parts. In this way you are sure that your truck has the maximum performance, with high fuel economy and low emissions. Simply put, genuine Volvo spare parts offer you the availability time that the other spare parts can’t provide.

Two-year warranty

We provide two years warranty on Genuine Volvo Spare Parts. The warranty covers the repair or replacement of spare parts. And even any consequential damages. If a component shows damage during the first 2 years due to a defect covered by the warranty, we will cover its repair or replacement.


The biggest availability in Greece

The company AFOI KIROMITI KAI SIA OE is Volvo's largest repairer in Greece with the largest availability of Genuine Volvo Spare Parts on the market (spare parts availability 94.9%, according to Volvo Parts Co.).

Thus, it guarantees the availability of most spare parts that your Truck will need. As a member of Volvo's official repairer network, it guarantees the immediate ordering and delivery of your spare parts.

Spare Part Categories

Internal Body External Body Suspension System Direction System Air - Braking System Transmission System Engine System Air conditioning system Electric - Electronic System Lubricating Filters Accessories
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